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05 August 2005 @ 07:32 pm
Livejournal is on hiatus like you see since I decided to take a better care of my blog ^__^
05 July 2005 @ 04:28 pm
dawno nic nie pisalam. nie chce mi sie po angielsku, nie mam na to czasu. w ten weekend zaryzykowalam i pojechalam do krynicy morskiej. gdzie tutaj ryzyko? tak sie sklada, ze byla tam tez moja babcia, ktora na prawde jest za bardzo gadatliwa. Próbowała nam wkręcić, ze jakis dziwny ptak (którego w zyciu nie widziała) ukradł jej klucze od domku (które sie zreszta znalazły później) i suche bułki. Coosh, klucze byly w domku, a siatke z bulkami podarly koty. Babcia chodzila non stop za mna i opowiadala jak to ona cos obejzala/przeczytala/uslyszala. i nie obylo sie bez opowiesci o II wojnie swiatowej. mialam tego dosc po godzinie, ale jakos przezylam.

dzis o godzinie 8.00 rano moja sis miala obrone pracy magisterskiej. zajelo jej to 10 minut - no i prosze, mam siostre magistra i to z 5tka za obrone. teraz, kidy juz nie jest studentka, musi zmienic umowe o prace, ale i tak dostawac bedzie 1700zl na reke, a to jest calkiem duzo, bo za samo mieszkanie placi ok 300-500zl, ok 100-150zl na jedzenie, wiec calkiem sporo jej zostanie. etem z niej duuuumna <3

nyo i jak pewnie wszyscy (a nie ma ich az tak duzo) juz zobaczyli nowy layout z Yaiba na domenie, z ktorego jestem dumna XD mam tez ksiege gosci, chociaz nie wiem po co (wpisala sie tylko jedna osoba, ale to Myako - jej layouty zawsze mnie inspiruja, wiec jej wpis duzo dla mnie znaczy ^^). CWISTAK : ja nie licze layoutów??? mialam ich 5 oficjalnych (I:Natsuo i Youji; II: Natsuo; III: Hild, IV: Lulu, V: Yaiba), 1 nieoficjalny (Soubi i Ritsuka - tylko ty go widziales XD XD) i jeden "soon" (Natsuo i Youji - pozniejsza pierwsza wersja XD). cos jeszcze chcesz wiedzieć??? XD
06 June 2005 @ 02:02 pm
;_; my mom came back yesterday and I'm already pissed. Good that she's working whole day so I don't see her. I'm so egoistic Oo I don't know why I hate her so much. I know she's a good mother but I just can't stand her.

like you probably know I have a domain ^^ http://ritsuka.org <3 It's pretty ... empty right now 'cause I really don't have any time to upload my 3 shrines. I need also to create a fanlistings collective, change few layouts, build another fanlisting (relationship: Natsuo & Youji - I just got approval email from TAFL ^^). and of course I should find some affiliates for my domain ^^

I think I saw too many anime episodes lately :
01. Loveless 01-09
02. Honey & Colver 01-05
03. Tsubasa Chronicles 01-06
04. Meine Liebe 01-02
05. Bleach 16-34
06. Excel Saga 01-26
07. hack//SIGN 01-06
TOTAL : 72 episodes ;_; and I can't even take a break.
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Tomorrow I will finally have my domain ^^" I have uploaded new layout but I'll have to wait till domain will start working. I'm so proud of myself XD

Yesterday my friend, Rita came to me. She's not a m&a fan but I showed her my fav scenes from Loveless XD (I just couldn't help it XD). And I think Loveless will have another fan. She was just in love with Soubi ^^" That's good 'cause personal I don't know anyone in my city who's interested with m&a ^^. But never mind. I saw seventh episode. I must also say that I became a BIG Natsuo fan (Youji too ^^). He's just amazing *.* I really love the way he said his name in sixth episode :*****. In this ep I liked this scene where Youji and Natsuo were holding each other *o* this was sooooo sweet. I can't wait for 8th one ^^

On Sunday I saw Star Wars XD Anakin is so damn sexy XD those eyes *.* i want to see it AGAIN Oo
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20 May 2005 @ 05:44 pm
my freedom will be soon over ;_; my father is coming back today. i really don't like, when my parent are near me. it's good that he'll be alone 'cause my mother have to stay, where she currently is, for another two weeks. i hate her...but nevermind...

my internet sucks! yesterday for some reason i couldn't download 5th episode of loveless and today i have a really slow transfer ;_; I have 58% after 9,5 hours Oo i just need to know what happend next ( well, i know what will happend 'cause i read manga xD but who cares?). I love those battles XD...

bleach 32 : this was a little bit of boring. whole episode about rukia and renji?! that was too long. i want to see kenchan and ichigo fighting...
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Current Music: Tsuki no KAASU - Loveless OP
17 May 2005 @ 11:13 pm
This time : Loveless *.* I really love this one Oo (more than ml of course). I'll not write about it now 'cause i'm tired but I even downloaded some manga chapters (i'm on vol2 ch7 and I can't find more ;_;) it's really getting interesting. but of course i'll have to wait at least 2-3 days for second episode, i hate my internet connection -___-

and finally forum at bleachflame is open. i hope it'll last a little bit longer than last time. i had to make my own avatar xD it features urahara <3

oh, and one more important thing :


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16 May 2005 @ 08:56 pm
I just finished watching Meine Liebe ep01 XD I looove like it XD cute, cuuuute boys. I like Ed <3

I love opening and ending song XD i think it's gonna be my new obsession. but, damn episodes are downloading so slow -__-

Meine Liebe 02 - 4.4%
Loveless 01 - 3.4%
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16 May 2005 @ 03:18 pm
Finally new layout at my english blog. it features urahara XD XD I love it ...
I saw Weiss Kreuz OAV (damn, it took me 3 days to download it!). Well, probably tv series are better. I don't know what happened, who killed who. I saw them dead, but two minutes later they (i'm mean weiss) were all right Oo it was confusing XD I'm not disappointed but I thought it will be better...
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Current Music: I'm Mad - Animaniacs XD XD
15 May 2005 @ 05:40 pm
OK, it's time for a little note here XD I really don't know what to type about. OMG, I'm home alone and will stay till next Sunday Oo I suppose I could make a party or invite few friends, but I don't know. I have so many things to do. But who cares? shit. I've already made a mess, I have to go walk my dog (3 times per day !! -__- and believe me, even a saint will loose his patience and I'm VERY NERVOUS), I can't sleep at night 'cause of this fucking wind! and I feel I'm gonna loose my mind if my doggy will not shut up! I need some freaking silence! Shit, my neighbors are having a fight AGAIN! Oh well, this is my "wonderful" life.

Now about something nice (for me of course!!). I have made another layout for INSANITY (my 11th division's site). This one is perfect. I'm so damn proud of it' cause it works almost perfectly in Firefox and Opera. I know INTERIA is bad but I don't have any choice since this site will be in Polish.
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